Break the Jail and Steal everything | Hacking/CTF challenge

June 8, 2018 Script hunter

Break the Jail & Steal everything.

An another ctf challenge for beginner + profession.Don't worry if you are beginner in hacking,All you need to start from here for learning true hacking without any tool.Don't be Script Kiddie anymore.

For more enlightment read our this article.

Challenge Description:

You have given a Excutable programme(you can assume it is a company's software for feeling like a hacker) and you need to bypass it with your hacking skill.
Download this programme and try to patch it,after your patching you will get a code(like CHERRY{something_in_this}) and this is indication that you have successfully hacked this programme.You need to Paste that code to Below Text box for verification.

Verify your Flag output:

Hit the like button if you got success.Solution of Task will be upload soon while you keep trying.

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