Visual Hashing Chrome Extension Reverse Engineering | Hacking/CTF Challenge

September 4, 2018 Script hunter

This time i come with an interesting ctf challenge which will test your (Crypto + Web + Reverse-Engineering) skill.Last challenge was Gold in Garbage.

Visual Hashing
Category:Reverse Engineering+Web+CryptographyPoints:Learning
Challenge Description:

One of My friend is using a Google Chrome Extension for remembering passwords and he thinks ,this is fully secure to use but last night i did a MITM attack and captured his traffic and there i found a image of password box ,,Now our job is to reverse Engineering on Extension and get the password by using that image.

Chrome Extension ->Download link
Captured Image-> visual.png
Flag Format: cherry{all_lowercase_letters}
Notice:-Password is flag.Means cherry{all_lowercase_letters}

Verify your Flag output:

Solution of Task will be upload soon while you keep trying.