Why you should not use Auto liker biz | Stop using Facebook Autoliker

July 6, 2018 Script hunter

People use auto liker biz web app for getting likes on Facebook post,photos. Any one can make 5,000(highest) friends on Facebook but it’s found that a normal person can have only 200-250 friends.In this world everyone wants to get famous and judges people to their likes on social medias that is only reason people use auto-liker.
But today i ‘ll tell you ,Please Don’t use any type of auto liker so lets start.
I am taking Auto liker biz as an example.
First of all lets know how auto liker works

Working process of Auto liker

Auto liker is a simple tool(website) which refers user to another user’s post ,simple they likes each post without knowing.
Example:- If 5 Facebook users are using auto liker and you have registered a new user then you will hit 5 like button for them and they will hit like for you so simple everyone are getting 6 likes.Interesting thing is that no one is know ,they have liked some post without their permission.
Same concept applied for auto commenter.

May be you have hacked <-> Auto liker

Auto liker biz website generate a one time token(combination of numbers,alphabet) for using their service each time and also you need to enter your Facebook email and password on their website (HUGE COMPROMISE).You should not enter you Facebook anywhere rather than Facebook itself.

When you enters you Facebook email and password ,website will ask you for some permissions (see friend list,email,gender,likes,comments..) ,here you will accept all permissions without taking care of it.These permissions can misuse your Facebook account using third party.
Also Facebook warns for this thing ->

SECURITY WARNING! Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone”

How auto liker biz earn from you

They are shorten their link to any advertising service and try to spam you ,see above image.When you click on their ad(Whether it’s spam) they will earn from you.
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Also Facebook can Ban you permanently

Facebook is strict against spammers and fake accounts. In the last few years it has taken major steps to avoid such things.Do you like to be called a Spammer.
Facebook allow only https:// protocol for browsing because it is encrypted and more secure than http://.
See this article -> Difference between http and https

Final words

Please don’t use auto likers for getting some like if you want to secure your facebook account.

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