[Writeup] Anonymous CTF Challenge for Beginners

July 31, 2018 Script hunter

I recently uploaded a New ctf challenge based on web category and this is writeup/solution for Anonymous ctf challenge.

Anonymous CTF Challenge Writeup

Challenge Detail: If you have solved this challenge then you know how to manipulate with Browser Cookies.Challenge has given a web page with a login button and you press it,nothing happens!!! Really, No actually!!
When you press login button some hidden value will be submit to web server so what can you do with this,no you can do nothing because i set it for disturbing to solvers but if you see browser cookie you will see there is a cookie with value flag=false.
you can see your browser cookie by typing document.cookie in console.

Final step:

Just change the flag=true in cookies.You can do by typing console like this-> document.cookie="flag=true" and press enter.Now press login button again and you will get a page contains some hash of password.This password is encrypted with md5 encryption.

You can decrypt this password using this website.

Encrypted value Decrypted value
dffed298e821df5b718431c89f4f0150 CHERRY{YoU_goT_tHE_admiN_RoLE}

You have successfully solved this challenge now.
So you got your flag: CHERRY{YoU_goT_tHE_admiN_RoLE}
Now go to ctf challenge page and verify your flag there.
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